A Breakthrough Decarbonization Company

Specializing in the world’s first scalable and carbon negative production of Advanced Carbon Materials (ACMs).
What we do

GreenCarbon's Decarbonization Solution

Alternative & Sustainable

Our Advanced Carbon Materials (ACMs) are generated through a replenishable supply chain sourced from domestic agricultural waste streams and reducing our foreign dependencies.

Carbon Negative

We extract carbon sequestered during photosynthesis storing it in our end applications and preventing its return to our atmosphere.

High Value & Quality

Our proprietary process enables the development of future state graphene nanomaterials and ACMs for use in energy storage systems, polymers, construction materials, and more.
our mission

Permanently Store Sequestered Carbon

Our goal is to draw down stored carbon from the atmosphere by commercializing novel carbon-negative products through robust and resilient domestic supply chains.
our process

Agricultural Waste to Energy

GreenCarbon’s 360-degree Sustainability Process brings additional & sustainable carbon sources to global markets, utilizing local agricultural waste streams as a feedstock to produce Advanced Carbon & Energy Materials.

Plant Powered Energy Storage

We are manufacturing novel plant-based GreenCarbon materials for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries, and near future production of utility-scale energy storage.
our expertise

Our Competencies

GreenCarbon’s  subject matter experts come from an amazing array of backgrounds. Our mission to significantly reduce greenhouse gases has attracted some of the best and brightest minds of industry.
Material Science
Renewable Energy

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